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Our site allows you to purchase software licenses at competitive price rates while examining its true technical benefits.

At softcart you can compare prices and detailed technical specifications of the required solution against other software vendors’ alternatives.

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Sophos Endpoint Antivirus

Trusted Endpoint Antivirus Protection. Deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

OpenText Exceed Classic

Exceed is the PC X11 window market leader that empowers companies with high performance access to X applications from Microsoft Windows platforms.
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SolarWinds DameWare Mini Remote Control

DameWare® Mini Remote Control (DMRC) from SolarWinds® is a powerful remote control software and desktop sharing tool that saves time and effort by allowing you to remotely access end-user computers, laptops, and servers for remote administration and support. With out-of-the-box support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems, you can connect to multiple remote computers simultaneously and provide tech support.